Anti-Graffiti/ Anti-Scratching film - 200µ / 8Mil with decor (interior)

Anti-Graffiti Folien in einer U-Bahn

DIN 54 837/DIN 5510 certified
-interior installation
Tests carried out by a German municipal transport company have shown that the individual decor on the one hand makes the vandal lose the desire to scratch or spray, as his result vanishes between the decor. Plus, the human eye is distracted by the scratched or sprayed surface. This considerably extends the service life of the sacrificial layer ( film ).

You can request the 200 micron / 8 mil foil with decor individually from us and is not available in the online shop.

Available sizes:

1,524 x 30,5 m (46,48m²)

Technical details:

Total solar light:

  • Transmission: 82%
  • Reflecion: 10%
  • Absorption: 8%

Visible area:

  • Transmission: 92 %
  • UV-rejection/
    UV-Reflection: >98%


  • 1 layer, highly scratch resistant, UV-reinforced polyester film
    Thickness: 8 Mil / 200 µ.
  • UV-resistant acrylic adhesive

2 years