Premium Paintprotection - IQ-210PET

Product description:
IQ-210PET, the advanced version of our IQ-200PET based on polyurethane, offers additional, self-healing protection against damage caused by dirt and external influences through its special “Top Coating” coating. The “top coating” distinguishes the IQ-210PET by its extreme resistance to similar products. Even after many hours, the film and the underlying surface do not discolour due to the UV resistance. In addition, even after short tests with light acids and soiling by tar, road salt, insect residues or bird droppings, no change in the film could be observed. The IQ-210PET’s excellent stretchability and tear resistance make it an easy to install and therefore very user-friendly film.
The IQ-210PET paint protection film serves as an excellent invisible sacrificial layer to maintain value and improve the function of many surfaces. It has a wide range of applications on many types of painted and varnish-like surfaces where additional protection against mechanical attack, for example, is required and which can be exposed to all environmental influences. In case of damage you can simply pour hot water (80-90°C) over the area to accelerate the healing process of the top coating. Without changing the appearance of the vehicle, our IQ-210PET stone chip protection film will give any driver or dealership and any car rental or leasing company the opportunity to protect the vehicle from value-reducing paint damage, e.g. from stone chips, scratches, scratches and insects and thereby save enormous costs through repairs or paintwork. Due to its 3D formability, our IQ-210PET can be adapted to almost any conceivable shape and is used in various areas.

Assembly recommendation:
Our IQ-210PET paint protection film should always be applied wet, only in exceptional cases dry application is better. Of course, our IQ-210PET paint protection film can be removed from smooth surfaces at any time without leaving any residue.
(If used correctly)

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Available sizes:

1,52 x 30,5 m

Technical details:

Color: clear

Thickness: 150µ

Adhesive layer: 40µ

Surface hardness: 1H

Tensile strengh: 5000 [34,47] PSI [Mpa]

Maximal stretchability: 550%

Adherence: 1800 gf/ 25mm

Weather resistance: 2.000 Stunden/Hours

Min. temperature: -20°C

Max. temperature: 100°C

Warranty: 5 years