Real Carbon II 35%

Product description:
This innovative evolution of our „REAL CARBON“-series is even easier to install and provides a very gallant look for the vehicle. . Metalized film often causes problems with the electronical systems of new generation of cars due to the exceptional shielding effect of the metal layer for the interior. With a new and protected manufacturing process the new generation of the „REAL Carbon“ series reaches high heat reduction and perfectly clear view without any metallization. All „REAL CARBON“ films are in perfect harmony with the optics of the original glass.

Available sizes:

0,51 x 30,5 m
0,76 x 30,5 m
1,01 x 30,5 m
1,52 x 30,5 m

Technical details:

Real Carbon 2 35%
# SNT35

High Performance X-tra II

Homologation for:
Deutschland / España

10 years

  • Non-metalized
  • Scratch resistant
  • Visible light transmission: 35%
  • UV-protection > 98%
  • Heat protection: 38%