Dear customers and business partners, a warm welcome to the world of Madico / SUN-GARD by

For many years stands for tradition, experience and competence in the european market when it comes to protection films such as solar control, anti-graffiti and anti-scratching for vehicles, buildings and passengertrains.

MADICO INC, Woburn (MS). und St. Petersburg (FL), USA, is one of the world leading window film manufacturers. For over 30 years Madico processes glass surfaces and is the innovative specialist for automotive window film.
MADICO / SUN-GARD is ISO 9001certified and manufactures true to the motto:
“Wherever there is glass we can improve it!”

To unite these competences in Europe, we now offer a large product range of Madico SUN-Gard in addition to our regular range. Use this experience and the high quality products for a valuable price for your success and a good margin.
Naturally all offered films have the necessary homologation for the German market and the approval by the German ferderal motor transport authorities. Please refer to the admission requirements of your respective country. Other country approvals will follow soon.

Madico / SUN-GARD and stand for exceptional quality in favor of the customer. You shall receive a durable, functional product with crucial advantages. These guarantee an easy installation and a flawless result.
Naturally all films are certified with warranties up to 10 years against discoloration and cracking.
All and Madico / SUN_Gard films are films for the professional market only are available in rolls with different widths. All widths are also available in running meters (minimum 3 meters per film or width)
Naturally we also offer a wide range of professional installation tools and aids.

One of our key points is customer orientation.  Due to our high flexibility we are prepared to handle individual customer wishes and requirements and thus offer a professional solution.

We are looking forward to engaging business with you.

Warmest regards,

Andreas Roggenbach
CEO THB-Technic House Berlin GmbH