Important note on the installation of automotive sun protection films:
Please note the following information from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA)

The sun protection films tested by the KBA in accordance with the General Design Approval (ABG) may be applied retrospectively to the inside of motor vehicle windows which are not important for the driver’s view.
(As a rule, from the B-pillar to the rear and not on the front side windows or windscreen)

The film on the rear window may only be mounted in conjunction with a right-hand outside mirror.
It is not permitted to stick on both sides of the window. The foils may only be applied up to the window holder or window bonding. It is not permitted to jam or connect the foils to the window frame or the rubber seal.
However, such an application is permissible if the film is cut continuously in the area in front of the window holder, window edging or window bonding. The use on emergency exits made of single-pane safety glass of buses and coaches is permitted.

If you have installed your ABG, you are welcome to download it from us. Look at the ABG print of your foil, click on the corresponding download button and print out the ABG document. films

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