Our own felt squeegee. Due to its softness, there are no scratches on the foil or the disc.

The 5″ (12,7cm) rubber squeegee for handles such as our AluPro or Unger Handle.

The AluPro is fixed to the common doctor blades, such as the iq-tools 5″ bevel blade or the Blue Max, and is intended for longer work without changing the blade.
It is also perfect for our disc pullers.

The AluFull can be adjusted quickly and easily using an Allen key and holds all common doctor blades, such as our iq-tools 5″ bevel blade.

Set with three different strengths. Ideal for narrow edges or rubber lips.

The wood is perfect for frosted glass and the installation of paint protection film. Due to its ergonomically shaped handle, you can exert a lot of pressure without damaging the film.