GP-MAX 35%

MADICO is ISO 9001 certified and manufactures with the motto:
“Wherever there is glass we can improve it!”

Product description:

MADICO and stand for exceptional product quality in favor of the customer. You will get durable and funcional films with MADICO. These guarantee an easy installation and a flawless result.
All EBONY films are non-metalized, highly scratch resistant, UV-stable and protect the passengers against 99% of UV-radiaton.
Due to special manufacturing processes the GP-MAX receives improved attributes while shrinking with heat.

Technical details:

Gp-Max 35%


Homologation for:

7 years

  • Structure: 2 layers
  • VLTt: 35%
  • UV-rejection >99%
  • Heatrejection: 29,3%
  • Dyed polyester
  • Metalized
  • 7 years warranty against color change and cracking
  • Aesthetic and functional upgrade for your car
  • Additional comfort due to heat and glare reduction
  • Reduces bleaching of the interior
  • Binds splinters at glass shattering