Omega Nigrans 20%

Product description:

The best film for getting started with new car models, no metal second to none in price. Perfectly signal-neutral for all electronic devices in the vehicle. It is the ideal window film for models with the latest technology such as window antennas, internet radio, remote controls, „keyless-go“ or GPS receivers. Due to a special, protected manufacturing process, the new generation of the „Genisis Nano Ceramic“-Series achieves very high heat rejection values without metallization and offers perfectly clear transparency. The simplicity of the installation of this window film will fascinate you.

Available sizes

0,51 x 30,5 m
0,76 x 30,5 m
1,01 x 30,5 m
1,52 x 30,5 m

Technical details

Omega Nigrans 20%
# ONG20

Genisis Nano Ceramic

Homologation for:
Germany / España / Poland

10 years

  • Non-metalized
  • Scratch resistant
  • Visible light transmission: 20%
  • UV-protection > 98%
  • Heat protection: 55%