Lackschutzfolie Premium - IQ-200PET

This newly developed polyurethane product offers maximum transparency and resilience. In contrast to the PU lacquer protection film, the IQ-200PET lacquer protection film does not yellow but retains its UV resistance and transparency over many years. Due to its high alphatic properties, we give a 5-year guarantee on yellowing. The IQ-200PET lacquer protection film offers a high protection for the preservation of value and for the functional improvement of many surfaces without changing the optics. It can be used in a wide range of applications on lacquered and lacquer-like surfaces of many kinds, on which additional protection, e.g. against mechanical attacks, is to be guaranteed and which are subject to all environmental influences.
can be exposed to. The material thickness of the film including adhesive is approx. 200 microns and thus offers a high sacrificial layer of the surface to be protected.
Without changing the appearance of the vehicle, our IQ-200PET stone chip protection film will give every driver or car dealership and every car rental or leasing company the opportunity to protect the vehicle from value-reducing paint damage, e.g. from stone chips, scratches, scratches and insects, and thereby reduce the cost of repairs or repairs.
paint finishes.
Our IQ-200PET protective foil is also used on stainless steel, light metals, chrome parts, in the boat sector, model making, building sector and all lacquer-like surfaces.

Due to its 3D formability, our IQ-200PET can be adapted to almost any conceivable shape.
Assembly recommendation:
Our IQ-200PET paint protection film should always be glued wet, only in exceptional cases dry gluing is more suitable.
Of course, our IQ-200PET paint protection film can be removed from smooth surfaces at any time without leaving any residue.
(If used correctly)

For precise cuts, contact us by telephone or mail.

Available sizes:

1,52 x 30,5 m

Technical details:


Struckture: 163µ

Adhesive layer: 50µ

Surface hardness: 1H

Stretchability: 1740 [12] PSI [Mpa]

Tear strength: 400%

Adherence: 1400 gf/ 25mm

Weather resistance: 1,500 hours

Min. temperature: -20°C

Max. temperature: 100°C

Warranty: 5 years