Solar protection - Silver 15 (interior)

-interior installation
Sun protection to reduce heat irridation with a strong reflection. Exclusively for single pane glass and for vertical installation. Application on double pane glass may risk breakage!

For cut-to-size inquiries please contact us via telephone or e-mail.

Available sizes:

1,524 x 30,5 m (46,48m²)
cut-to-size on request

Technical details:

Total solar light:

  • Transmission: 11%
  • Reflection: 54%
  • Absorption: 35%

Visual area:

  • Transmission 17 %
  • UV-rejection: >98%


  • single layer, highly scratch resistant (3H), UV-reinforced polyester film.
    Thickness: 1 Mil / 25µ
  • UV-resistant acrylic adhesive

Vertikal: 3 years
Angewinkelt: 1 year