This is the future of window tinting: non-metalized ceramic films.
Our established and reliable Real Carbon, the advanced Real Carbon 2 and the new Genisi Nano Ceramic Series.

Real Carbon:
Our established Real Carbon series with over one million installed squaremeters in Volkswagen commercial vehicles, such as the Amarok.
Even without the metal layer the Real carbon provides a very hight heat rejection. This film is available in 5, 20 and 35% VLT and provides an elegant look for the vehicle.

Real Carbon 2:
The innovative and advanced Real Carbon, the Real Carbon II. This film reaches even higher heat rejection through advanced manufacturing processes, also without a metal layer.
Metallized films disturb the electric systems in the latest generation of vehicles. Our ceramic films are neutral to the signals and provide the same or even better results on the testing scala.


Genisis Nano Ceramic Series:
The next advancement in cermaic films, the Genisis Nano Ceramic Series with the Omega Nigrans 5 and 20%. Due to a special mixing procedure, the Omega Nigrans has a better clarity and even better heat rejection, also without metal layer. Also the Omega Nigrans is perfect for newcomer installers due to its installing attributes. This film has the best shrinking characteristics in our range and is hence easier to install.